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Quick Update

I don't have anything too terribly important to post about. Just wanted to pop in for a minute. My computer seems to have stopped working again. It "goes to sleep" when you're not using it for a certain amount of time - you know like a power save thing. And my friend's husband who fixed it before said it sounds like it's not waking up, or the power supply isn't working. But he hasn't gotten back to me on when we can get together so he can look at it.

Pet news - my husband got a puppy. Notice I didn't say "we got a puppy". I came home from school one night and there was a puppy in my living room. He was so quiet and sitting underneath our coffee/end table I didn't know he was there and didn't see him for almost 15 minutes. I call him Fake Puppy, or now it's more like Psycho Puppy because he has found his puppy-ness.

In school news - I had actually just typed school noose dur dur durrrr..... I almost didn't get registered for my externship in January. It's the very last "class" I need to finish the medical assistant program after this semester is over and registration was a giant string of curse words. It was horrible and everyone had problems getting their classes. The chick behind me in my Mon/Thur class didn't get into the externship and if they don't open up more spots she'll have to wait until next August to take it so she'd be off for almost a year which is what I freaked out about.

Has anyone had a microwave with the glass plate that's a turntable? Where it rotates while your food is cooking? If that breaks is it possible to replace JUST the plate? My husband apparently didn't use the timer and instead turned on an empty microwave and the stuff that was stuck to the plate caught on fire. Nothing major but it cracked the glass a little. He says it should be ok - using cracked glass in a microwave makes me nervous. I only found one website that sells the plates and they're $28. The microwave itself was like $45. What the hell??

Anyway - that's about all I have for now. I have a CPR class tomorrow for most of the day to renew my certification. That should be interesting. NOT.


Any opinions?

I just posted this on Facebook but for all you non or anti-Facebookers here..... has anyone read Stephenie Meyer's other book The Host? I'm looking for opinions if anyone has read it. I don't think she's a super awesome author but the story sounds interesting. I wonder if it's worth the money though.

Best Halloween Costume EVAR

If you've ever wanted to be MUSTRAD for Halloween - now is your chance.

The Herpes Post

Here's my once every three month or so post. LOL I need to find a day where I can just sit here and read and catch up but so far it hasn't happened.

Monday was my first day poking a real person with a needle to draw blood - I don't want to gross anyone out or anything (it wasn't THAT bad) but we'll just say it wasn't successful. I wasn't the only one and it was our first time so it wasn't a big deal really. I thought I'd have some funnier stories but so far there isn't anything hilarious to post about. My Monday/Thursday class is full of chicks with dirty minds, we'll just say that.

I came across this just now while getting ready to do homework. Again - not as funny as I thought it might be, but the fact that it's in my TEXTBOOK was a little funny and the name of the site made me giggle - www.gotherpes.com and no - Burger King and Ronald McDonald are not on there.

Right now I'm looking at an ad on the side of my screen for Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and I'm scared to admit that I know what it is and recognize Wubbzy. When you can discuss children's tv shows and you don't have children - that might be a little scary.


A special link

This is so perfect. For ugotogal - I wonder if any of these came from Walmart Town. I find it very inspiring. I don't know how to do the links with the pictures so here's this link -


A quickie

So I've still been horrible about getting here to LJ. I did manage to catch up the past 3 weeks or so of entries. I'm sure I've missed a ton of stuff though.

Last week was the first full week of school, and I've had two half weeks. I have class Mon and Thurs - the semester started in the middle of the week so I went on a Thursday. Then Mon and Thurs last week. No class today because it's a holiday. So only Thurs this week. How lame is that?

I don't really have much to post. Work is pretty boring. I haven't been anywhere exciting. I haven't done anything exciting. I do have to pee really bad despite having peed twice in the past hour for those of you who care to know.

That's all.

This is why I love Reader's Digest

Besides ugotogal there's no better place to find weird shit.

Cat People

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Julia Child just wrapped about 10 feet of string around a chicken on a rotisserie with bacon and a pound of butter.

New Tattoo

Well the only thing new I have to report is my new tattoo. My friend's husband did it on Sunday. The picture is from right after he finished it so I can't wait to see when it's healed. I scanned one of my mom's sun catchers for it. The friend's husband had another guy coming back to finish a tattoo he had started the week before or something after me, and they were telling me that this guy was crying like a girl when he started the tattoo. He got some kind of tribal design on the inner part of his lower forearm. Now I don't know how sensitive that is, but I guess the guy was screaming and the dude admitted it when he got there! LOL yes....I am a giant douche and cried like a girl when I got a tattoo. LMAO Can you imagine? The only one I had a problem with was the Tigger on my chest and it made me bite my lip but I didn't cry.

So for those of you who aren't on Facebook -

Check out my cockCollapse )

Other than that - I was sicker than a dog yesterday puking and stuff. The other day my niece says "I want my birthday again". LOL Guess she liked her party?? I'll have to get the pictures here too of the blanket I did with my mom's pics on it. It turned out good for me not knowing jack about sewing. I did have to have help sewing the back on because I jacked it up. But other than that I did it!

Doo Waap

Ok I got a nudge so here I am. LOL I don't have anything to post though. All I've been doing is working here and there and nothing exciting has been happening. Not to mention I can only sit here for so long before I don't feel like being on the internet anymore. LOL

The Niece's birthday party was on Sunday. She'll be 2 tomorrow. She's hilarious and fun. School starts again at the end of August. I'll be poking people with needles. The down side is that I'll be getting poked too. Luckily needles don't bother me.

I don't know what else to say. Off to work in about an hour. Fritos really sound good right now but of course I don't have any.....um...?? !

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